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All dogs must pass a temperament assessment in order to be accepted for daycare and boarding. Dogs must show no aggression towards other dogs, humans, toys, or space. Food aggression isn't a concern for daycare because dogs will only be fed in their private kennels. If you are boarding multiple dogs who you want to stay all together in a suite then they will be fed together and there must be no food aggression. 

Male dogs must be neutered to keep competition and aggression levels at bay. Female dogs are not allowed when in heat for the same reasons. Male puppy are allowed un-nuetered up until 8 months which is when most males will start to show signs of aggression/competitive behaviors. 


Flea & Tick preventatives are 100% required. Dogs should be treated weeks before admittance to ensure there are no flea or flea larva still present. Dogs must be continuously treated for fleas and ticks. If fleas are found we will treat the dogs at the owners expense. Please do not apply topical ointments the day of daycare. Other dogs can ingest this during play making them sick and making the ointments less affected for the treated dog. 


We require dogs to be vaccinated with: 






We also highly recommend:


Lyme vaccination

Heartworm preventative.



Fights canine distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza all of which are extremely contagious and deadly. 



There are two types of Bordetella or “kennel cough” vaccines, a nasal spray and an injectable. We recommend the injectable followed 2-4 weeks later with a booster shot. We will accept dogs who used the nasal spray however keep in mind if you choose to use the nasal spray your dog must wait 10 days after receiving the spray to be accepted at Bopp Farm Doggy Daycare. We do this for the safety of all the dogs. Also keep in mind this vaccine needs to be renewed after 1 year.  



Rabies is a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans, or from humans to animals. The rabies virus is spread through contact with saliva. Transmission is usually through a bite wound, rabies has been known to spread through a scratch or an existing open wound.


Dogs who do not have these vaccinations will not be accepted at Bopp Farm. 



We highly recommend also treating your dogs with:


Lyme vaccination:

Lyme disease is contracted through ticks which have been on the rise in Maine.



Are contracted and spread through mosquitos. It only takes on bite from an infected mosquito to spread the disease to your dog. The disease is easy to prevent but very costly to treat if the dog becomes infected. If untreated heartworms are deadly. 


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