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About us

The nature of Doggy Daycare is to provide your dog with a safe and comfortable atmosphere to rest, exercise, and remain stimulated while you are away. Whether it's work, kids, a visit to the area, or any other reason, Bopp Farm Doggy Daycare allows you to do the things you need during the day and know your pet is safe and cared for with the best attention and natural environment offered.


Specific benefits of our dog daycare are


-A healthier dog through exercise, attention, rest, and stimulation.

-A structured day ensures that your dog eats properly, exercises, rests, and most important- remains stress free

-A rural, quiet atmosphere away from traffic, houses, and roads.

-A safe place to leave your pet creates peace-of-mind for you.


We focus on these key factors



Our number one concern is your dog's health and safety. Every aspect of our business is designed with that in mind. Initial behavior screenings, vaccination requirements, pick-ups/drop-offs, and structured, scheduled play and rest times are all part of creating a stress-free environment for dogs and caretakers alike. 



Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, and just about all like to stay active and be outside. Some dogs play non-stop, while others prefer to take it easy and spend their days lounging. Size, age, energy levels, and disposition are all factors considered to keep dogs stimulated and safe while at play. We have a huge, multi-section fenced area with lots of toys and games for the dogs to play with during the day and if the weather is poor we have a spacious indoor play area as well. 



We structure each day around creating the most stress-free atmosphere for your dog. Every day a block of time is designated for the dogs to come inside to eat, digest, and rest before resuming activities. This not only ensures your dog recieves the food and downtime needed, but also gives us the opportunity to socialize with your pet and make sure they are getting everything they need.



Here at Bopp Farm we believe in providing dogs with more than just their basic needs. Personal attention is given to each and every dog in our care to ensure they recieve the proper attention and love that they deserve.


Our goal is to ensure your dog with an environment that is both exciting and safe!




Dog daycare and boarding in Franklin County, Maine. Letting dogs love and play!
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